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Have you ever wondered how you would manage the death of a loved one? Do you know the procedures necessary to administer their estate?


The shock of losing a loved one can be difficult enough, without the added stress of sorting out all the necessary paperwork, details and finances. Seaman Norris, LLP has handled hundreds of estate proceedings and can assist you through this maze of paperwork, accountings and court procedures.


It is often necessary to “probate” a will when a person dies. Probate is a process by which the Surrogate Court declares the will valid, formally approves an executor of the estate, and makes sure that the assets of the deceased person are distributed according to the provisions of the will.


When a person dies without a will, the Surrogate Court is petitioned to name an “Administrator” of the estate. This can be a very time consuming and overwhelming process without help. From creating an inventory of assets to dealing with banks and insurance companies to marshalling, selling and transferring assets, we have the expertise to make this situation much easier for you.