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Are you opening a business and are unsure if your plans will meet the requirements of your town’s zoning laws? Do you need to apply for a special use permit or obtain a variance? Do you need to submit a site plan to a local Planning Board?


Our attorneys provide land use, zoning and planning services to both non-municipal and municipal clients. In the jurisdictions where we do not represent municipalities, we assist private clients in appearing before local Zoning and Planning Boards to obtain planning approval, complete site plan reviews, and obtain variances and special use permits.


In jurisdictions where our office represents the municipality, we advise them in all areas of land use, zoning and planning matters. This includes:

  • Preparing local ordinances and laws necessary for master plans and other necessary local legislation;
  • Providing legal representation on Zoning and Planning Boards, and advising each Board with regard to pending applications and interpreting laws; and
  • Assisting the municipality and their appropriate boards and committees in navigating through the State Environmental Quality and Review Act (SEQRA).