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If the unexpected happened, are you confident that your end of life wishes would be met? Would your possessions or life savings get distributed the way you would want them to? Would your children end up in the care of the guardian that you feel is best capable to care for them?


New York State has explicit laws on how a will must be conformed and witnessed, and if someone dies without a will, how an estate needs to be distributed – which may conflict with your desired wishes. That’s why it is so important for everyone to have a Last Will and Testament drafted under the guidance of legal representation. At Seaman Norris, LLP, we have drafted thousands of wills and have extensive experience counseling clients through various scenarios.


Does your financial situation require more sophisticated planning, like an inter vivos, testamentary or irrevocable trust? We can help you structure your finances so the maximum amount goes to your loved ones.


While taking this step is something that most people do not want to think about, our clients feel a great sense of relief once their estate planning is completed.


Our attorneys can also help you prepare a Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy. Having a Power of Attorney in place is critical to ensure that your general and financial affairs continue if you are unable to perform them due to illness or unexpected travel, and having a Health Care Proxy in place will ensure that your wishes are carried out in a medical emergency.