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Complete Estate Administration Guidance in Lockport, NY

Managing an estate can become increasingly difficult when multiple issues arise, that's why it's important to understand the obligations of estate administration so nothing is missed. In the event of a probate action, proper estate administration requires managing creditor claims and all other issues in accordance with the estate's wishes. At Seaman Norris LLP, we provide representation for estate administration to help you find creative solutions when dealing with difficulties during this process. Estate administration is a complex process that can often be difficult without an experienced lawyer representing your interests. Proper estate administration ensures that creditors are properly dealt with and the remaining assets are distributed appropriately per the will or otherwise under state law.
Learn About Estate Administration Lawyer

We are the estate administration lawyers of choice because we provide clients with the guidance they need to make sound decisions during difficult times. In addition, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to handle all aspects of the estate administration process.

The estate administrator lawyers at Seaman Norris, LLP are well-versed in New York probate law and can help you through all proceedings. We have assisted numerous families with estate administration during these difficult times, so we understand the importance of being thorough when carrying out legal proceedings.

Estate Administration Law Services for Western New York

In the unfortunate circumstance that a loved one passes away, we provide estate administration. Some of these lawyer services include preparing and distributing an estate, or it may come from a formal petition for administration. In either case, our law firm can prepare all necessary documents and assist with making distributions in Probate Court proceedings. Some of the estate administration areas we cover include:

  • Creditor Claims
  • Distribution of Assets
  • Estate Litigation Support
  • Probate Legal Advice

A Qualified Estate Administration Lawyer For You

At Seaman Norris LLP, we understand that the process of estate administration can be difficult for families grieving the loss of a friend or family member.

That's why we provide our clients with compassionate and experienced representation throughout the entire affair. In addition, we take a holistic approach to estate administration, ensuring that all legal obligations are met while also respecting the deceased's wishes.

Estate Administration Is a Process

When responsible for handling an estate, it's essential to understand the implications and obligations involved. The entire probate process does not have to be complicated, but the fiduciary has many responsibilities. Finding a qualified Lockport lawyer to assist with this process is the best way to make sure everything is done correctly.

Creditors Must Be Paid

Estate administration usually encompasses collecting and distributing assets after the death of an individual. If there are not enough assets to pay outstanding debts, creditors may file claims against the estate, which must be paid before final distributions are made to beneficiaries.

Access to the Estate Bank Account

For assets to be appropriately managed, the fiduciary will need access to the estate's bank account. The fiduciary should properly manage the funds to keep the estate in order. If the estate is executed improperly, this could now constitute mismanagement by failing to properly distribute assets to the proper individuals.

Estate Assets Must Be Valued

Estate administration requires appraisals for significant assets to prepare inventory reports for distribution. According to the decedent's will, these assets may then be liquidated or distributed through other means.

An Estate's Responsible for Paying Taxes

Many people don't realize an estate is responsible for paying taxes after the person dies. The estate is responsible for filing an estate tax return, including the value of the gross estate less allowable deductions, including funeral expenses and any debts still owed after death.

Don't Overlook Legal Advice for Estate Administration

This process begins with timely reporting to the court for authentication and appointment, then follows with a collection of assets, payment of debts and expenses, filing annual accountings, handling creditor claims, and much more. These steps typically require legal counsel for the fiduciary if they feel overwhelmed.

One of the best ways to get rid of the stress is to hire an estate administration attorney at Seaman Norris LLP. They can help handle the entire affair while also offering helpful legal advice along the way. In addition, our clients find that our passion for this field of law is unmatched.

Reputable Estate Administration for Lockport, NY, and Western New York

Our probate attorneys are known throughout our community for providing quality estate administration representation. We understand the estate assets and provide legal advice that makes the most sense. However, even if an estate plan doesn't manage a decedent's assets, there is still a lot of responsibility for the personal representative that must be performed.

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