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The Best Estate Planning in Lockport, NY

Estate planning is the process of making sure all of your hard-earned assets are properly distributed when the unexpected happens. A will is a legal document that specifies what happens to your estate after you die. It's the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and that those left behind won't have any confusion about what should be done with your assets. These legal documents can also help avoid court battles over who gets what by specifying how property is distributed among heirs and responsibility for children or other dependents. A lawyer from our law firm can draft a customized will, tailored to fit the needs of you and your family members, so they know exactly where their assets go when they pass away.
Learn About Estate Planning

New York State has explicit laws on how a will must be conformed and witnessed, and if someone dies without a will, how an estate needs to be distributed – which may conflict with your desired wishes. That's why everyone needs to have a last will drafted under the guidance of an estate planning attorney. At Seaman Norris, LLP, we have drafted thousands of wills and have extensive experience counseling clients through various estate-related legal issues. Our law office can help you craft a will that ensures your property and legacy go to the right people in the right ways. By choosing our estate planning services, you will give your family and loved ones peace of mind.

General Estate Planning Services for Western New York

Our lawyers are able to get your estate in order no matter where you are in life. We are able to write documents that are specific to your individual needs, making us one of the best law firms to plan your estate. Since these documents are crucial in reflecting your wishes after you pass away, an attorney should draft these documents for each individual situation and when you have complete control of your mental faculties. some of the general estate services that we offer include:

  • Draft Wills
  • Trusts
  • Personal Protection Plans
  • Healthcare Proxies
  • Powers of Attorney for Financial Affairs

Most Sophisticated Approach to Estate Legal Issues

If your financial situation requires more sophisticated planning, we can help you structure your finances, so the maximum amount goes to your loved ones. As with all our estate planning services, you can trust in our will drafting to go above and beyond for your best interests no matter your financial situation.

There is More to Law Firms Than Criminal Defense

Seaman Norris, LLP provides a wide array of legal services. We are a criminal defense law firm representing clients throughout Western New York from our Lockport, NY location. However, there are so many law services like NY estate planning to securely protect your estate and provide the proper distribution of your legacy after you pass.

Preparing For the Unthinkable 

This is why everyone needs to have a will. However, if someone dies without one - whether through an accident or a natural death - the New York State Attorney General's office will step in and handle the distribution of assets according to a set formula.

Guardianship for Children & Individuals

Our law firm can help you find a capable guardian that will provide your loved ones with the best care possible after you pass. We also offer estate planning services that go beyond simple wills to secure your assets' distribution. Our law firm can assist if you are looking for legal counsel or representation.

Immediate Relief After Estate Planning

Most families don't immediately establish quality estate planning until something tragic happens, but planning ahead of time will help determine to whom your estate is distributed. While taking this step is something that most people do not want to think about, our clients feel a great sense of relief once their estate planning is completed.

 We Are More Than a Personal Injury Law Office

Even though our related practice areas serving Lockport, NY, are vast, estate planning is an integral part of our practice. Understanding the necessary documents to create a durable power of attorney, avoiding probate court proceedings, and drafting a will are all included in our estate planning services. Our attorneys can also help you prepare a power of attorney and a health care proxy. Having a Power of Attorney in place is critical to ensure that your general and financial affairs continue if you cannot perform them due to a severe illness or substantial personal injury. Having a health care proxy in place will ensure that your wishes are carried out in a medical emergency.

Trusted Estate Planning for Lockport, NY and All of Western New York

At Seaman Norris, LLP, we believe that trust should be a given when dealing with a lawyer. It should be something you can rely on before and after your passing, making the challenging times more manageable. We will walk you through the planning process, answer any questions you have about your legal needs, discuss your goals, and put together a plan to meet those goals. Our law firm knows how important it is for people to safeguard their families during estate planning and our attorneys are dedicated to distributing their client estates in the best possible way. To learn more about our estate planning services or family law services, schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers. Contact our law firm a call today! 716-434-3311

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